IT Surveillance Services (Commercial & Domestic)

We specialise in connecting & configuring existing CCTV/DVR installations to the internet (either wired, or wireless), enabling secure remote viewing of CCTV surveillance, not just anywhere on the globe, but on many types of device (PC/Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Smartphone) so you can always keep an eye on your property, vehicle, business, or even pets; whenever and wherever you may be.
What are the benefits of connecting my CCTV/DVR system to the internet?
  1. Being able to watch your security cameras while you are away from the location is one of the most important features of current DVRs. This will give you the ability to prevent crimes as well as keep an eye on what is currently happening in the locations that the cameras are watching over.
  2. Being able to review and back up footage from your DVR remotely so that you have a copy of what is happening even if the DVR ends up getting damaged or stolen.
  3. Being able to configure the DVR remotely. This is handy if you notice that the DVR needs to have some of its configurations modified.
  4. Being able to change settings on cameras that are all of a sudden not able to see due to conditions changing. Some people have had issues where their cameras looked great the whole first week that they had them set up but then all of a sudden a big storm comes in and they can’t see anything anymore and one of the camera’s may have a setting which can compensate for this condition change. If you’re not able to reach the location where the DVR and cameras are installed, this will allow you to change the settings from wherever you are so that you don’t miss out on anything in the meantime. However, please note that some cameras do not have these features, but for the ones that do, being able to access them remotely is a great feature to have.
Our Services:
  • IP / Cloud Camera Installation
  • Online Video Security
  • Home CCTV Online Surveillance 
  • DVR Remote Viewer Surveillance
  • DDNS Configuration
  • Online / Remote Recording
  • Online / Remote Backup
I do not have a CCTV/DVR System?
If you do not have a CCTV/DVR system already installed, then we can very likely assist you with that too. Domestic/Small Business CCTV can be very affordable, so is potentially a very cheap way of improving security at your home/business (however you can spend thousands of pounds on a top-of-the range system). However, a CCTV/DVR system could pay dividends if you ever need to use to footage to identify a criminal suspect. It’s worth making sure the camera is high enough quality, and a good CCTV installer should be able to advise you on the best place to install cameras.
Your system can be wired or wireless, depending on your budget. Wired cameras are cheaper but wireless ones can be more convenient – although an interrupted internet connection can mean lost footage. You can store images on a hard drive or separate digital recorder.
As well as the obvious benefits for your peace of mind, and the help it provides when catching criminals, the security systems can deter potential burglars, and could bring your insurance premiums down.
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